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Knitting Accessories


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Yarn Bobbins

Needle Holders


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Bamboo Cable Needles


Bamboo Knitting Repair Hook (NM-075376)


Comfort Cushion for Crochet Hooks


Crochet Hook Grips (NM-072824)


Crocheted Sheep Tape Measure 60" (NM-085316)


Fix-A-Stitch Lace Tool (NM-071133)


Fold Up Chart Keeper


Jumbo Wonder Clips (NM-088935)


Knitter's Pride Rainbow Knit Blockers


Knitter's Pride Repair Hook


Knitters Pride Circular Needle Protectors


Knitters Pride Wool Needles


Knitters Pride Yarn Cutter


KP Needle Size Markers (NM-518687)


Leather Cord and Needle Stitch Holder


Magnetic Knitters Necklace


Magnetic or Toggle Shawl Closures

$32.00 - $47.00

Natural Mesh Bag


Yarn Essentials Kit (NM-500849)


Cloth Tape Measure (NM-372654)


Fix-A-Stitch Tool Set (NM-070411)


Knitting Needle Gauge (NM-075014)


Spring Tape Measure (NM-083567)


Wooden Yarn Butler (NM-252183)