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Rosa Rosae Pattern for Party of Five Gradient Kits

Rosa Rosae is a crescent shawlette worked from the neck down in fingering weight yarn. It can be knit in a variety of sizes making it truly adaptable.  Both sides look good even if slightly different.The border pattern uses elongated stitches. The instructions are written and charted. Finished size : 11”x59” in the inner edge of the crescent (28x150cm). Pattern requires US6 32" or longer circular needle.  

For the model pictured, we used Sweet Georgia Party of Five mini-skein yarn set in Royals use the shades in the following order:

  1.        Empress
  2.        Lavender
  3.        Juicebox
  4.        Wisteria
  5.        Nightwatch

Cast on with Empress. *Use all of this shade ending with a wrong side row. Empress was used through the 2nd lace section and into the next section of garter rows repeating the 2 garter rows seven times (=180sts), then change to Lavender. Use Lavender to knit through the 3rd lace section and the following garter section. Change to Juicebox and knit through the 4th lace section and the following garter section. Change to Wisteria and knit border rows 1 through 10. Change to Nightwatch and knit border rows 11 and 12.  Bind off as instructed by pattern.