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Books & Patterns

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Decorator Throws (NM-164745)


Diaper Covers (NM-500922)


Easy Crochet Critters


Easy Knit Dishcloths (NM-165378)


Endless Wrap Pattern (BSA-201611)


Frisson Pattern for Madelinetosh Tosh Sock


Gull Island Pattern for Luma Collection


Hygge Knits (NM-164235)


Janesville Jacket (BSA-20172)


Kingston Wrap Pattern by Blue Sky Fibers


Knits About Winter by Emily Foden


Knits for Boys (NM-431518)


Knits for Pets (NM-165251)


Knitted Snood (NM-450622)


Knitting Answer Book (NM-417996)


Lacy Little Girl Dresses Pattern Book -- Crochet (NM-165201)


Magmatic Boom Shawl Pattern for Party of Five Gradient Kits


Make in a Weekend Afghans (NM-164746)


Make In A Weekend Afghans - Crochet (NM-164747)


Malabrigo Book 11 "Aniversario" (MAL-B011)


Malabrigo Book 12 FOUR ELEMENTS Pattern Book


Malabrigo Book 14 MECHITA & SOCK Patterns


Malabrigo Book 3 (MAL-B003)


Malabrigo Book 4 (MAL-B004)


Malabrigo Book 5 "In Soho" (MAL-B005)


Malabrigo Book 6 "In Cabo Polonio" (MAL-B006)


Malabrigo Book 7 "In Brooklyn" (MAL-B007)


Malabrigo Book 8 "In Central Park" (MAL-B008)


Malabrigo Book 9 "Ninos" (MAL-B009)


More Than A Dozen Dishcloths (NM-502219)


New Prayer Shawl Companion (NM-161563)


Norwood Pullover pattern by Blue Sky Alpacas (BSA-20154)


One Skein Wonders for Babies (NM-524405)


Our Best Knit Baby Afghans


Our Best Knit Baby Afghans (NM-307223)


Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 28, Spring 2019


Precious Knit Blankets for Baby (NM-160639)


Quick Knit Neckwear (NM-164793)


Quick Throws to Knit (NM-164749)


Rosa Rosae Pattern for Party of Five Gradient Kits


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